Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It ain't worth it.

So here I am, trying to get some green leafy vegetables, and all the great anti-oxidant food at my local Safeway supermarket. Everything goes as planned as I venture theough the supermarket, only to see a line of 20-50 something's primarily male(s) standing in line to get a flu shot. Hey, is the shot really that necessary, I ponder? Most of those deadbeats should be working, instead of leaching off disability or some other alternative Medicaid Fraud. Some descent exercise and careful eating would give them all they need, to fight off the flu. Heaven forbid we should have a shortage!!!! Ever consider letting the elderly and children first dibs you selfish ingrates? Selfless sacrifice I suppose is too much to ask in this country, but maybe I'm biased because I rarely get sick. I dont comprehend what it means to be sickly or down and out. Maybe its because I sleep and eat well, maybe its because I get off my ass and refuse to watch t.v., I dont know but so many people could use a good does of willpower, as it seems to be more of an effective tool in killing bacteria and viruses than a shot of antibodies.

So, now ten minutes later, and there is a line of myriad persons in front of me at the express lane, and I do emphasize "express line." Well in addition to my cashier being a white-trash piece of walrus lard, this girl has the nerve to put her hands on my Safeway card as I slip it through the reader. Like there is some presumption, that I don't know what the fuck I'm doing in scanning the card. Not to mention I caught her negligent ass overcharge me on my V-8 juice. Well, she says sorry, and if that wasn't enough to raise my blood-pressure, she awkwardly asks, "Would you like to donate to breast cancer or the Katrina Fund?" I say, "Nah, I'm not feelin either one, why don't you collect for injured veterans?" She says, "Because these people need it." So as I sit there crimson as a tomato, I take a deep breath and think to myself, "calm down, it aint worth it." And such shall be my mantra the rest of this week.....


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