Monday, November 07, 2005

Hey, Wonderous and Thought Provoking News Media!!!

See this article:

Get your noses out of U.S. interrogation tactics.

So here we are, and again Vice President is getting attacked by our brave media because of the fact that he will not let a rider on a bill that prevents "unique interrogation methods." As a combat veteran i want anyone who reads this to understand we are facing an ideological enemy that are immune to standard interrogation tactics, commonly used by the military. No one says we are torturing the bastards, however, is it really that awful of a solution?

It's time John McCain, lighten up a bit, and arise away from the assumption that putting these limitations on our armed forces and CIA, will somehow tangentially protect one from being beaten as a POW. Or more importantly, stop worrying about the United States image Johnny Mccain, I mean we are already hated, because we are a worldpower, so that argument doesnt hold water. The purpose of giving the CIA an alternative detention facility is to get away from the faggoty ass humanitarian bullshit vomited by our and Eurpoean media.

Interrogating Arabs, takes a creative and innovative mind, as they are more than accustomed to adversity and sometimes thrive and bask in it like its a grand test from Allah.

Cmon, now, get off the V.P.s ass, and cover some stories of our troops rebuilding a country for what is largely a thankless culture. This isnt' newsworthy I take it. Fuck you and I hope you spill that Latte on your turtleneck.


Blogger John J. Kaiser said...

I am always amazed how civilized people seem to think that the uncivilized will share their, well...civility, when it comes to things like the rules of war. When fighting barbarians one must fight like them. Make no mistake, they will torture in the extreme any American soldier they get their hands on. So it is out duty to do the same to any combatant we capture who may have valuable information.

When do you think we look like a more threatening enemy to the Islamo-facists- when we apologize for torturing them or when we have them subjected to ridicule by a woman? When we give them three squares and a copy of the koran or when we bind them up inside a pigs carcas so they can never reach paradise?

We will never win this wat unless we totally commit to that goal. That commitment entails an acceptance of all that is necessary to win.

I say all of the above as someone opposed to the current war.

11:12:00 AM  

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